Springsteen a Firenze nel 2022?

Firenze 10 Giugno 2021

Si torna a parlare di Bruce Springsteen in Italia nell’estate 2022. Dopo le notizie del pressing del comune di Milano per fissare le date del concerti (rigorosamente al plurale!) del Boss a San Siro, è di oggi l’annuncio che i fans potrebbero già segnarsi in agenda un possibile appuntamento per rincontrare finalmente Bruce Springsteen con la E Street Band: quella del 19 luglio allo Stadio Franchi di Firenze. Leggi tutto “Springsteen a Firenze nel 2022?”

Bruce Springsteen: Start tour from Milan in 2022?

Claudio Trotta, Springsteen’s Italian promoter, posted on Facebook a pic of himself in front of San Siro in which he makes the number 3 with his fingers. Is he referring to the possibility of three shows of the Boss in Milan in 2022? It could even be a start tour. In Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s last documentary, “Letter To You”, the group drinks a toast to the fans in San Siro Stadium in Milan, happily reminiscing about the audiences in Italy and looking forward to performing there 4 shows on tour in 2020. Everything has been postponed until 2022 but their intentions have not changed!!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinkcadillacfanclub/permalink/1085094491912969/